Rural Community Finance.   Global Interconnectedness.   Investing in a Prosperous Future for Guatemala.
Fueling the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Developing World
Total Number of Employees: 10
Total Loan Portfolio: $ 1,000,000
Headquarters: Aldea Vasquez, Totonicapan, Guatemala
Bottom row, left to right: Maria Vasquez (Teller), Porfiria Vasquez (Investment Director), Carmen
Caniz (Client Services Rep), Rob Krieger (Vice Chairman of the Board)
Top Row, left to right: Pablo Vasquez Velasquez (Credit Analyst), Bonifacio Tzul Ajpacaja (CEO),
Emilio David Tzul (Credit Analyst), Bernardo Yax Tax (Information Technology), Manuel Enrique
Tzul (Accountant), Benjamin Vasquez Say (Credit Analyst).
Since the founding in 2004 of the Cooperativa Integral de Ahorro y Credito Pajebal, R.L.,
or CODICAP for short, this cooperative has been one of the fastest growing, most
structurally stable, and most technologically savy young financial institutions of
Guatemala's western highland region. CODICAP grew from the vision of a few Vásquez
residents to provide a reliable and professional financing option for the local businesses
and residents of Vásquez and the surrounding villages that would steer them away from
loan sharks who charge incomprehensible rates of interest.

CODICAP has a strong commitment to the ideals and laws of
cooperativisma--the spirit of
utilizing non-profit business to benefit the community as a whole in a just, yet
efficiency-driven, manner.

All services are provided in both Spanish and the local native language of Kiche Maya.

To get an inside look into CODICAP, please check out the video below to see the
interview with
Porfiria Vasquez, the dynamic young Guatemalan woman who is
Investment Director.
Interview with Porfiria Vasquez, Investment
Director                 of the cooperative CODICAP, R. L.
Pajebal, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization
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