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Milthon joined Pajebal in May of 2010 to work as a full-time
Business Analyst/Advisor, and to coordinate Pajebal's work with
our partner cooperatives. Milthon is a graduate of Guatemala's
prestigious San Carlos University, earning  a six-year
licenciatura degree in Economics. Up until now he has
concentrated his professional work in banking, having worked as
a Business  Development Supervisor at Banco de Antigua, and
Milthon Escobar
Analyst/Advisor: Finance and Administration
as Branch Manager at Banco Uno (currently owned by Citibank).

Despite Milthon's fast success in Guatemala's banking sector, he has always felt that his true
calling was in the field of socially responsible development. Having come from the
predominantly indigenous community of
El Palmar, Quetzaltenango, he imagined that one
day, after having received a high education standard in the regional capital city of
Quetzaltenango (Xela), he would be able to give back to Guatemala's more outlying and less
formally educated communities.

Milthon is currently studying for a Master's in Business Administration through a weekend
program at the
Universidad Landivar, and teaches undergraduate classes in microeconomics
and macroeconomics at night.
Since 1996 Jacob has worked in both software engineering
and systems implementation within the government, private,
and social sectors. He has worked as a private consultant for
various municipalities across Guatemala, and has
experience in implementing systems for microfinance
Jacob Perez
Analyst/Advisor: IT Systems
Before joining Pajebal, Jacob helped create an internal control system for the Spanish NGO
Intervida, and was responsible for implementing the system across various Latin American
countries including Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
Field Staff
Marco Tulio Lopez
Executive Agent (Representante Legal)
Marco is Regional Director of the department of
Totonicapán for the Guatemalan National Cooperative
Oversight Organization, INACOP.

During his adolescence, Marco received a scholarship
to study in El Salvador at the
Instituto Salesiano Rinaldi
de San Salvador
, and he continued his studies in
Guatemala concentrating on law and education at the Universidad de San Carlos in

Marco has worked with cooperatives and Peace Corps Volunteers in the western
highlands of Guatemala for over 15 years. He resides with his wife and children in the
city of Quetzaltenango (Xela).

Marco oversees Pajebal's operations in Guatemala.