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Pajebal Investors 3000

Pajebal Investors 3000 is a special lending program for those of you who want to
have a more integral role in Pajebal.

For Pajebal to ensure that it has sufficient loan capital to make a long-lasting positive
impact in western Guatemala, we need to have a number of investors commit to
loans of a more substantial size. Thus, we have created
Pajebal Investors 3000 to
encourage loans to Pajebal in the $3,000 and up range.

Anyone who lends to Pajebal an amount of $3,000 or more will be included in the
Pajebal Investors 3000 circle. Beyond the personal gratification that this will bring in
knowing that you are making a great contribution to
fueling the entrepreneurial
of communities that were handed some of the less fortunate economic hands
that our hemisphere has to offer, you will also be provided with more detailed
investment information concerning the project upon request, and will be invited to
contact our Directors and Officers directly for conversations about your suggestions
for the future of Pajebal. Essentially, you will be able to participate to a much greater
extent in helping us to perfect our development vision and operations. However, you
will have no obligation in this regard, and if you decide that your financial
investment is the extent to which you would like to be involved, we will respect this

Loans in the $250 to $2,999 range are typically lent directly online to finance specific
small businesses and entrepreneurs who are all highlighted through videos. In the
videos the entrepreneurs take you on an inside tour into their business operation.
These all can be reviewed on the page entitled
See the Loans!  

Through the
Pajebal Investors 3000 program you may either lend towards specific
small businesses and entrepreneurs that you choose based on the videos, or you can
choose to lend generally, in which case we will allocate your funds ourselves towards
the small businesses we deem most deserving and responsible.
If you decide to lend with Pajebal Investors 3000 we encourage you to lend by
(see below) so that Pajebal can avoid online credit/debit card processing fees
for this larger loan.

Loans do not earn an interest return, but principal will be fully paid back at the end
of the term if you do not choose to reinvest (see
Terms & Conditions).

If you feel that you may be interested in
Pajebal Investors 3000, please feel free to
send an email with any questions or concerns to Pajebal's President at He will respond to you in no more than two business days.

How to Lend by Check to Pajebal Investors 3000

If you are ready to lend through our Pajebal Investors 3000 program, please send a
check in the amount you want to lend made out to Pajebal, Inc. The address is:       

Pajebal, Inc.
Attn: Rob Krieger
500 N. Duke Street  #55/206
Durham, NC  27701

Before mailing your check, please send an email to with your full
name, mailing address, desired loan amount, and desired term length (2, 3, or 4 years). We
will respond to you shortly with a confirmation of receipt of your email, at which point
your check can be mailed.

Shortly after receiving your funds, a signed Promissory Note will be sent to your mailing
address. See a
Sample Promissory Note.


You may also
donate to Pajebal any amount $10 and up. Lending and donating are not
mutually exclusive; a combination of a larger loan and a smaller donation is common
practice. However you can certainly just do one or the other.
Pajebal, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization
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Pajebal Investors 3000