Pajebal, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization
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What is Pajebal?

Pajebal was founded by a former Peace Corps Small Business Development
Volunteer, Rob Krieger, who sought, through Pajebal, to significantly expand upon
his work in the village he served throughout his two years in the Peace Corps. During
his Peace Corps service, Rob lived in the village of Aldea Vásquez, Totonicapán,
Guatemala, and dedicated himself to working with a savings and loan cooperative,
CODICAP, R. L., founded in 2004 by a group of K'iche' Maya villagers.

Pajebal seeks two different forms of financial support:  i
) Donations, which are used
to pay the salaries of our educated and dedicated Guatemalan staff of analysts and
advisors;  ii)
Loans, which are used 100% to finance small businesses and
entrepreneurs of western Guatemala, such as the ones highlighted in our
Loans are approved by Pajebal, and by one of two Guatemalan savings and loan
cooperatives that Pajebal partners with—CODICAP R. L. and Xe-Ixtamayac R.L.
Pajebal works in-the-field directly with our partner cooperatives, assisting them with
making wise investments and helping to steer the local economy in the right

Pajebal seeks to help develop existing small businesses, and to aid micro
entrepreneurs with vision and potential to create small businesses (going beyond
“micro”) that will employ others, be substantially more productive and efficient than
the microbusinesses in the same region, and thus increase the standard of living of
the community. Learn more about our development and lending philosophy in the
section entitled  
What Makes Pajebal Different.

Furthermore, through our website and Guatemalan small business
video tours,
Pajebal seeks to educate U.S. citizens in a very direct and visual manner about the
businesses and economy of indigenous western Guatemala. This is in accordance
with the third and final goal of the Peace Corps: “Helping promote a better
understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.”

"Pajebal" is also the original K'iche' Maya name of the village of Aldea Vásquez,
1) The guidance of volunteers from developed nations and
educated and dedicated Guatemalan nationals, working with
less formally educated managers and employees of small and
medium-sized Guatemalan enterprises, transferring skills
through on-the-ground training and advising, to enable
continued sustainable development; and

2) Providing low-interest, fair financing—originating from
individual and corporate U.S. lenders
—to sound and
potential-infused small businesses and entrepreneurs of
indigenous, western Guatemala.
Rural Community Finance.   Global Interconnectedness.   Investing in a Prosperous Future for Guatemala.
Fueling the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Developing World
What is Pajebal?
Pajebal is a North Carolina registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that has
the mission to
significantly improve the level of economic
development and standard of living of the poorer, rural regions of
western Guatemala,  with an emphasis on sound business
management and intelligent use of capital.
This is accomplished